“Serving the local community through childcare & education”
It is a real privilege to be able to contribute to the local community, and providing a pre-school that serves the families of Pevensey & Westham allows us to support local families and their most treasured possessions....their children.

At Pevensey & Westham Pre-school our aim is to provide the highest standards of care & education for children aged from 2 years old until the time they start school. As a working parent myself who had children attend ‘nursery’, before I entered into the childcare sector I didn’t know what nursery and pre-school ‘education’ was. Most parents still aren’t familiar with the term ‘Early Years Education’ (as it’s officially described), but I can assure you that the qualifications our professional staff have to attain are thorough and robust. I want to provide you with a snapshot of what ‘Early Years Education’ covers, so if you want to find out more than please click on the link https://www.foundationyears.org.uk/eyfs-statutory-framework/ and have a look at the 'Foundation Years' website which covers the subject in more detail. Above all, the most important aspect of the care & education we provide is that your children are safe, well looked after, and are having great fun whilst developing!!!

Having the opportunity to provide the highest standards of care & education to the local children is a privilege, and we thank you for the trust you place in us to do that.